Does Your Significant Other Dislike Your Pooch? Tips to Help Him Come Around

couple with dog

So you've found the man of your dreams but he not receptive to your pooch. Perhaps your doggy does like your boyfriend, or your significant other hasn't made the effort to get to know your furry best friend. There could also be behavior issues that your doggy needs to work on. Whatever the case may be, both your boyfriend and pooch should get to know one another.

If you want the relationship to work out, you need to find ways for both of them to get along. Perhaps a few ice breaking activities such as taking the dog for a walk and having your significant other simply spend time around your pooch. A combination of different activities will help both get used to one another and hopefully, they will come around to even liking one another.

There are more tips and tricks you can try too. Visit the next page to learn how to help your boyfriend and doggy get along!

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