Dog Kept Escaping and Returned to the Shelter 11 Times. Finally They Realized He Was Trying To Tell Them Something.


We would love to believe that every shelter dog will come to find a home. Sadly, as we all know, that is not often the case. Some dogs get lucky and get adopted out right away and, for others, it takes a couple of tries before they find their forever home. Then there are those who just cannot make a connection and either does not get adopted or come back again and again.

Sometimes it’s behavior issues and other times the dog does not get along with other pets or family members. A sad situation to be sure.

Then there is Gumby. The young adult pooch is a wonderful looking white hound dog mix and he resides at the Charleston Animal Society.

Gumby is a remarkable dog because he’s an incredible escape artist! You may think he keeps escaping from the shelter but on the contrary. He keeps getting away from his many homes — and he comes back to the shelter!

Not just twice, not just four times, but a remarkable eleven times! Go read his story over on the next page!

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