5 Dogs That Have the Sweetest Smiles — They’re Sure to Brighten Your Day!

smiling doggies

Having a “ruff” day? Well after you take a look at these smiling sweeties on the next page your day is bound to get a lot better! Multiple dog owners snapped some shots of their doggy looking not only happy, but they seem to have a genuine smile on their face! It's incredible really, and when you look at these fabulous photos on the next page you'll see what we mean!

Smiling puppies are adorable, but smiling adult dogs are just as sweet. Whenever you're having a bad day, you can count on your pooch to make it better, and the same goes for this compilation of dog photos from MSN.

These pups are just dying to make you smile!

Get your smiley face on by looking at some adorable and happy doggies on the next page.

Via mom.me

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