A Bike Rider Touches Our Hearts by Doing the Sweetest Thing for a Dog in Need…

biker and abandoned puppy

It's crazy to think that there are people out there that can abandon a poor pup in the middle of nowhere. It's cruel and sad to leave behind a precious fur baby!

And to think there are plenty of shelters to take unwanted pups to so they can find loving homes. Unfortunately, the little pooch in today's video was abandoned by his owners.

Lucky for him, there was still hope for this stranded doggy! A thoughtful biker manages to spot the little guy out on the road and decides to help him out. Watch what he does to help this sweet pooch; it's truly touching! He is one lucky puppy. There need to be more people like this biker!

Watch how a traveling bike rider helps a poor abandoned puppy after the break. It'll touch your heart!

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