Fun Pug Facts That’ll Make You Want to Learn Even More About Your Furry Best Friend

pug on a walk

How much do you really know about your pug? Do you know that they are the official dog of the House of Orange? Or are you aware that pugs are celebrities?

There are many fun facts that you didn't even know about your pooch until now, and there's more too!

Before pugs came to America, they lived in China, where the royals loved spending time with them and showing them off. It makes sense since pugs seem pretty royal to us today too! 😉 Just kidding, but we do love to dress them up and treat them like royalty! Admit it, you know it's true!

Even though pugs can sometimes be over ten pounds, they are still considered to be a toy breed. They're small, but they have a fun personality to make up for it!

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Via Matthew Peoples / Flickr

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