7 Hilarious Reasons a Person’s Single Life is All Due to a Dog

mom hugging her pug

A domesticated canine is one of the greatest things in the world. That may seem like a bold and somewhat naive statement but, come on, if you think about it they tolerate a lot from us humans.

Then, no matter what we say or how we punish them for bad behavior, they love us and do not want to be anywhere but with us at any given time during the day.

Even if we wish they kind of held back at times, they're always there right by our side.

We’re not saying all dogs are unhappy when their owners find happiness in the form of another human being, but if they do not outright bark at the intruder they tend to give him or her the evil eye – at least for a while.

We do have to understand that up until then Rover pretty much had our undivided attention!

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