Get Rid of Fleas on Your Pooch With These Tips

If your pooch has ever had a flea on her, then you know how pesky these bugs are. They leech onto your pooch and don't want to let go because they're sucking on your dog's skin to retrieve blood. It's gross but true. Fleas make your doggy itch like crazy and can also lead to infection if you don't find them.

If you feel like your pooch has a flea or two you need to search her body. You'll something is up by her licking and itching one area non-stop. There are flea combs that can help you. Once you have located the fleas, you can use different methods to get rid of them. If you've experienced getting rid of fleas then you don't want them to invade your pooch's body again!

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Image Source: Kat Masback / via Flickr

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