(Video) A Pug is Asked to Join Mom in the Snow. How He Responds? This is Hilarious!


Generally speaking, pugs tend to be homebodies. They like to relax in the home on Mommy or Daddy’s lap, enjoying the fire in a hearth during the Winter months. Their job is to be our greatest company, sleep, eat and feel secure.

Yet, when we ask the little guys to go beyond that, to spread out and break through those boundaries they have placed around themselves, they are naturally reluctant to take on the task. After all, they think, “I’m a pug!” and what really is the point?

After the break, check out one reluctant mister that, although cute as can be, is immensely reluctant to walk out of his home and be introduced to snow.

It is rather cold, wet and – well – weird! Let’s see if adorable Ernie can overcome his fear and join Mom out in the snow!

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