How to Get That Picture Perfect Shot of Your Doggy

pug in the grass

With all of the social media sites on the web, you'd think capturing the perfect pictures of our dogs would be a cinch, but that's not always true! Let's face it, Fido likes to move around a lot. And when he's on the go and ready to go on his next walk, it makes it rather difficult to get that picture perfect photo of him!

I'm always curious as to how pet owners get their pooches to hold still entirely in their adorable Instagram photos. I know my doggy could never do that! However, I've slowly learned that there is no such thing as that perfect picture, it's more about capturing your dog at the right moment. That's just it, though; there is no “perfect” moment. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and learn when your pooch is more settled down.

There are more photography tips on the next page if you're eager to capture some cute pics of your canine friend. I know I am!

Randall Pugh / Flickr

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