Two Important Training Techniques You Should Know About as You Train Your Puppy

training a puppy

Let's face it — training a puppy is no easy feat, especially if you have a sassy puppy on your hands! Mostly every puppy will have an immense amount of energy. He is a puppy, after all. However, just because he's a puppy doesn't mean you should allow him to rule the house!

Now is when you should be implementing rules and in particular, there are two things you should work on. The first thing is rewarding your pooch when she's doing something right. The more you let her know she's doing something you love, the more she's likely to do it! The second is to either ignore bad behavior or distract her from it (i.e., throw a toy to her when she's trying to chew on wood, for example).

If you work on these two tried and true techniques, you're bound to have success over time. And at first, you don't succeed, try and try again. She is a puppy after all, and puppies take a while to get the hang of things!

Read more about these two important tips in detail after the break.

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