This Behaviorist Helps Doggies Face Their Anxiety and Heal – Amazing!

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We can all agree that our doggies are very special to us. They're there for us when we're scared or lonely and love to make us smile. We also know that we have to be there for our pups too in their time of need.

Sometimes, other doggies have a few problems of their own that require a little extra attention. It's hard for us as doggy parents to know what's making our pups anxious. Whether your pooch is feeling anxious when left at home or dealing with social anxiety that's similar to what humans struggle with, it is possible to help them overcome their fears.

Lucky for them, there is doggy professionals out there who have the skills and patience to help them feel a lot better. They are educated to get the source of the problem and come up with techniques for your pooch to conquer his fear.

Find out how one doggy professional helped a pooch with severe anxiety feel better after the break.

Via Dogster/ Pawsitive Practice Training and Behavior Consulting

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