(Video) This Frenchie Is About to Come Face to Face With His Nemesis. How the Battle Goes Down? This is Scary!


When this dog comes face to face with its nemesis,what happens is unbelievable!

All dogs react differently when faced with unfamiliar places, people, and animals. They can get scared and hide. They can stand their ground and bark and sometimes they just look really confused.

When this Frenchie met its nemesis, it really wasn't happy and wasn't shy about showing it either. We still can't believe what the dog did. Then we found out what the dog's nemesis was, it just made the whole battle even more shocking!

When you see what this dog came face to face with, it might make you feel bad for the poor dog. It might even make you want to make sure your dog never has to face this. The battle is just too incredible to miss!

To find out how this dog reacts to its nemesis, please head on over to the next page and check out the video. 

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