(VIDEO) Pug Hears the Sound of a Blender. How He Responds? I Guarantee You’ve NEVER Seen a Response Like This!

pug near blender

Most doggies love to entertain their human parents and friends. Their antics are what makes us laugh and help us get through the day knowing we get to come home to a happy and loving pup. The Pug in today's video is no exception.

Mr. Puggy is hanging around in the kitchen, just seeing what his mom is up to when all of a sudden his ears perk when he hears a noise. Unlike most dogs who would run and hide due to this loud noise, this cute pup likes it! And this sound makes him want to do something very comical!

That's right, this blender that's going off quite loudly isn't scaring this funny Pug away. It actually does quite the opposite — you won't believe how this Pug responds when he hears the blender! Trust me; after you see this Pug and his antics you'll add the video it to your Favorite's list on YouTube (it's on mine)!

Find out what this comical Pug does after he hears the sound of a blender. The video on the last page will surely make your day — I can't stop watching it!

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