This Pug Thinks He’s a Human as He Sits and Watches TV – LOL!

Every once in a while there's a pooch that thinks he's a mini human. Okay, maybe not every once in a while. It probably happens a lot more often than we think! A doggy who thinks he is a human has a lot of different traits. He thinks he's entitled to human food, likes to go everywhere with his humans and oh, he also likes to sit like a human. It's quite hilarious!

Bubble the Pug loves sitting like a human. As he watches his favorite boxing match he sits perfectly still…on his hind legs! That's right, this pup has incredible balance. As he continues to sit he makes it look SO easy. After all, he is a mini human, right?!

Just watch him sit perfectly still while watching his game on the next page! You'll be impressed!


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