When a Pug Encounters a Mini Pug Statue He has to Decide Whether to Face His Fears or Not — What Will He Do?!

afraid pug

Facing your fears is no easy feat! Whether you're afraid of snakes, getting on a horse or slipping on ice, everyone has their set of fears. So do dogs too!

Meet a pug who encounters a miniature pug statue inside his home. When he sees it at a distance (he's in the kitchen, and the statue is at the far end of the room), he's not sure what to think! Is that another pug, he wonders? And have I been replaced? Thoughts like this must be going through his mind as he decides to bark at the other “pug” in the room.

At the end of the video, this adorable pug still isn't sure what to do. He sure is puzzled, and he's not entirely sure why this “pug” is there in the first place! Can't his mom and dad just introduce them already?!

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