(Video) Captain the Pug Loves Doggie Daycare

captain the pug doggy daycare

Doggie daycare is one magical place. Dogs get to be free to play to their heart's content. There are endless games to play and lots of other doggies to meet!

Most doggies feel extremely joyous when they hear that they're going to doggy daycare! LOL! Just take a look at this excited pooch!

When this Pug learns that his owner is taking him to his favorite place on the planet, he has an adorable freak out moment!

You should really see this video! There are no words to describe the look of wonder and excitement on this adorable Pug's face! Your day is about to get a lot brighter!

Watch what happens when a lovable Pug named Captain learns that he is going to doggy daycare on the video on the next page!

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