(VIDEO) Corgi Puppies Are Brought Over to a College Apartment. How They Explore the New Space? I Can’t Peel My Eyes Away From the Screen When I Watch These Cuties!

campus corgi

Someone help these puppies pack their bags because they're going to college! LOL!

When these Corgi pups get sent to hang out with some college students on campus, they get extremely excited! Just watch them arrive and make a lot of friends right away!

You're going to totally melt when you see these adorable puppies begin to explore their surroundings! You won't be able to stand all of the cuteness as so many balls of fur run around on the video, LOL!

These college kids are lucky to take a break from studying to hang out with these cuties! If you're in dire need of a study break before finals or need a quick break during work, then I suggest you watch this magical moment when Corgis visit campus!

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