(Video) Dad Decides to Play a Kissing Game With His Pug. Now Watch This Sweet Kissing Match Commense!

Barry and Dad

All hail the great Pug, Barry!

Through a long association a dog and his master have certain rituals they go through. They are as natural and as ordinary as a hug or a pat on the head. Still, there is something deeper to these habits, a sense of love and kindness, and that is what we appreciate when watching Barry and his Dad.

Apparently, they have an on-going “kissing game” that is as competitive as it is sweet.

Dad does tend to mock Barry’s panting, which is not cool with the self-assured Pug, but all is well when they hug, make-up, and play!

After the break check out this playful twosome on a delightful video. They are funny and enjoyable, and we wouldn’t mind spending the day with them!

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