(VIDEO) Frenchie is Taking a Nap. Now Watch What Happens When He Wakes Up and Stares at His Owner…

sleepy frenchie

It's nap time for this cute Frenchie. You'll get to see him dream away during the night as he snores on the couch.

He looks so adorable and comfortable. You'll just want to curl up next to him. Seeing this furry pooch sleep will make you not want to disturb him! LOL!

However, his owner has something else in mind. What does he do to this sleepy Frenchie? You need to see it! LOL! The Frenchie's reaction is just too hilarious!

See it for yourself on the video on the next page. The faces this adorable Frenchie makes at his owner for waking him up are so cute.

What will he do next?! This Frenchie will make you chuckle. I just can't get enough!

Watch what happens when this Frenchie's owner decides to wake him up from a nap on the next page!

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