6 Reasons Why Humans and Dogs Are Meant to Be Together – #5 is My Favorite!

pug and human together

There's no doubt in our minds when it comes to pairing ourselves up with dogs. They make the perfect companions.

Nothing beats having a lovable pooch around us to make us happy or make us laugh when we're down. And these are just some of the reasons why doggies and humans are meant to be!

Doggies are extremely loyal, keep us safe, love us unconditionally and are very cute to look at! LOL! Plus, did you know that dogs and humans have been best friends all throughout history?!

You might not be convinced yet why humans and dogs make the perfect pair, but we'll give you four reasons! In fact, you're going to love them!

Read on to find out why dogs and humans are meant to be together on the next page. It's true – we're a match made in heaven!

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