(VIDEO) It’s a Warm Summer Day – Let’s Go Boating With Atom the Pug!

Pug Drives Boat

It's summer!

We love all the things we can do during the warmer months including going to water parks, the beach, and boating!

Speaking of boating, if you have ever seen Atom the pug in any of his other videos you know he is a canine that loves to take charge! He’ll drive a tractor, car or whatever it takes to get where he needs to go. This time, he is taking leisure time to the extreme and driving a boat!

Lest you think this is a selfish pursuit, fear not! He brings some friends along too and they look like they are having a wonderful time… Well, sort of!

Watch this master of the boat, how regal and self-assured he is behind the wheel, and you will certainly want him to be the captain of your water vessel too! Check it out on this incredible video after the break!

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