(Video) Stubborn Shar Pei Puppy isn’t Ready to Come Inside. How He Hilariously Ignores His Owner? Priceless!

back of Sharpei

When we first decided to adopt a dog we had this wonderful vision of what it would be like. Our dog would be a champ, would always listen to us, and would do marvelous tricks that would impress the neighbors. While we still feel our dog is a champ the listening to us and impressing the neighbors has proved elusive!

Don’t get us wrong. Max is a good dog but there are times when he’ll show his stubbornness in the strangest ways. More than once he’s turned up his nose or has outright disobeyed us when he feels it was not in his best interest.

And sadly, many times he’s gotten into the neighbor’s yard and – well – made friends with their pretty cocker spaniel. Again, not too impressive.

The point is, we can have the most loving and protective dogs but they have their own personalities and some dogs are more stubborn than others. A good example of this is over on the next page.

There we have a very charming young Shar Pei pooch who, it appears is sitting down and taking in the air. Suddenly, he is called for – and his reaction is hilariously uncommitted! Go on over and take a look!

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