(VIDEO) Little Pug Puppy Playing With Her Stuffed Doggy Toy Will Make Your Day

Selena the pug puppy and stuffed toy

Meet Selena, a rare silver pug puppy! This five-week-old fur baby will melt your heart! She has a stuffed doggy toy that she brings with her everywhere she goes, and Selena wants to show it to you!

She's completely attached to it, and as you watch how adorable she is you can't help but want to keep her for yourself!

Watch Selena play with her best pal and sneak in a cuddle! She's so sweet and adorable. How can one tiny puppy make all of us gush so much?! Well, trust me, you'll understand why after watching her too! LOL! Selena the silver pug is ready to meet you, and after you meet her you'll never be quite the same!

Falling in love with this silver pup won't be hard after watching the video on the next page! Check her out and I guarantee you won't be able to stop smiling!

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