(VIDEO) Pug Does NOT Like Something on the Fridge. When You Find Out What it Is? Get Ready to LOL!

Pug jumps up on the fridge

You'd think that doggies would love to hang out around the refrigerator in hopes of sneaking in a few treats and abandoned food crumbs, right? A kitchen is usually a dog's favorite place to hang.

This Pug, however, finds the refrigerator to be an evil appliance that holds something terrible! LOL! What could it possibly be?! With this crazy Pug's over active imagination, you'll be LOLing all day after you see what she tries to protect her family from!

When you see what she tries to do after she see what's on the fridge? You won't believe how she reacts! LOL!

Watch the video on the next page to see what happens when this Pug comes face to face with a refrigerator!

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