(Video) This Frenchie Really Wants Dad to Play With Him. How He Lets Him Know? Too Cute!

Frenchie wants to play tantrum

It's playtime! At least, it is for most pooches! LOL! Have you ever met a doggy that didn't want to play?! It's nearly impossible!

They have so much energy and just want to have some fun. It's hard to resist them and say no to them too! Much like the pooch in this video, it's incredibly hard to say no to a playful puppy.

When this pup wants to let his dad know that he wants to play, you won't believe how cute he looks!

Just watch how he shows his dad that he wants to play. It will totally melt your heart! I wouldn't be able to turn the cute little guy down, LOL!

Watch and see how this cute puppy convinces his dad to play with him on the adorable video on the next page!

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