(VIDEO) Pug is Determined to Figure Out What’s in This Box. When He Can’t Quite Fit? Too Funny!

Pug getting into a box

While cats and dogs are not alike in many respects there is one which any pet owner can tell you is as fascinating as it is funny. You can buy your fur babies any number of toys and games but, in the end, they usually end up enjoy the box it came in more!

On one hand, you have to admire that they can entertain themselves with, basically, nothing. On the other hand, as you stare at that new expensive toy laying in the middle of the floor ignored, you have to ask yourself: “Do they do it on purpose?”

Over on the next page, we have a handsome young Pug that appears fascinated by his boxy toy. He knows there is something more to it than meets the eye and he is determined to find out what it is as he pushes and wriggles to fit in the box.

It may not be the struggle of the century but it is pretty darn fun to watch! Check out this hilarious video after the break!

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