(VIDEO) Pug Puppy is SO Ready for His Close-up. How He Handles the Fame? This is the Cutest Pug Superstar Yet!

pug puppy running outside

All puppies have distinct personalities. Some are quieter, simply wanting to be held in the arms of their mommy or cuddle close to other pups.

Then there are those bundles of energy that might settle down by the end of the day but while the sun is up are a mass of energy and wriggling curly-tailed butts!

Now, the stand-outs of the litter are always easy to find. They are usually the first ones to the breakfast bowl, to play with the big orange ball, and if there is a rawhide available… don’t you try to take it from them!

However, more than that, if there is a camera about, they do not shy away! They want to be videoed, photographed and be the center of attention wherever they are – and we love them for it!

Go over to page two and enjoy our rambunctious, happy and every inch a Superstar friend!

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