(Video) Pug Puppy Really Wants to Play With the Cat. Everything She Does to Try and Convince Her? LOL!

pug trying to play with cat

Puppies are some of the friendliest animals around! You definitely can't deny that! LOL! Well, in this case on Pug puppy can't help showing his friendly side in his new home.

What this young pup doesn't realize is that his kitty friend is a little shy and maybe frightened by him! LOL! How can an adult kitty be scared of a tiny pup? It's a funny vision that you need to witness!

When this Pug gets closer and closer to his cat buddy, hilarity ensues. There's no way that this Pug is going to give up without a fight!

What does she do to get this cat's attention?

Watch what happens when this tiny Pug puppy decides to befriend his kitty sibling on the video on the next page!

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