(VIDEO) The Most Excited Pug EVER Flips Out When He Discovers He’s On His Way to This Amazing Place…

Captain the pug

Oh boy, oh boy! This little pug is going places and he can't wait a second longer! He knows a place that's even better than the doggy park. LOL!

You won't help but laugh at how Captain the pug reacts when he realizes he's at his favorite spot! It's not the dog park, the beach or the vet — you'll never guess why he's so excited to get to this location!

One thing's for certain — he's jumping for joy and screaming with happiness! You won't believe the noises he makes either, so silly! LOL! Find out what place gets Captain the pug this excited and happy! You need to watch his hilarious reaction — you'll have a big smile on your face once you realize what has this cute pug all fired up!

Watch what happens when Captain the pug realizes that his owner has taken him to his favorite spot. Even if you've seen this video a time or two, it never gets old! See it all unfold on the next page!

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