12 Pug Babies That Should be Illegal

Pug puppy with stuffed animal

If you have a Pug baby or are thinking about getting one, then you should know one thing: They are a lot of trouble.

Yes, they are cute balls of trouble, but trouble none the less. This can be confirmed when you find a favorite pair of shoes destroyed… under your bed. Yep, that would be your Pug puppy. You might even be fortunate to experience your Pug eating grass and then throwing it up — on you. Yuck!

Even if your Pug is all grown up, you can reflect back on those Pug puppies days with joy in your heart. Also, you're probably a tad thankful you don't have to deal with your Pug puppy eating your son's homework. Oops!

Pug puppies are the life of the party and love being the center of attention. And that still doesn't change as they grow older.

If you've been lucky to have a Pug puppy or currently have one, then you know they get in tons of trouble. And if they're little trouble makers then they may or may not get away with it. Or — they may be charged and have to deal with jail time. Just kidding, but not really.

After the break discover what these Pug puppies are being charged with because they were trouble makers. Let's hope you can get your Pug puppy out on bail! LOL!

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