(Video) There’s No Doubt About it, This Pooch LOVES His Mommy. Just Watch This!

Dog and Mommy

Think back to when you were young. If you had a great relationship with your Mommy or Daddy you probably waited with great anticipation for one, the other, or both to come home from work. Once they came through the door you were all joy! They were home, safe, with you and the family. Life was good!

Now, think about your beloved pooch. You are the world to that dog and he or she more than likely feels the same joy every time you come in after work – only ten-fold! “My humans are home!”

Enzo, like many other English Bulldogs, adores his Mommy and is not at all ashamed of showing it! However, he is a rather firm and heavy brute, despite his love, and needs to be calmed down after a bit. Still, it is so adorable to watch him show pretty Momma all the love he has to give.

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