(VIDEO) THESE 7 Vital Steps Could Save Your Dog’s Life in an Emergency…

sick pug

In this video series you'll watch on the next page, Dr. Becker tells us about various illness and injuries to our dogs, what you should watch for and how to react to anything from a sprained ankle to a possible internal bleeding.

In another video she spoke with us about emergency care, what to expect, and how to prepare for it. On this video she provides us with seven important tips to keep our pup safe and in good hands when finally getting your fur baby to emergency services.

There may be things you do not know, including when you get to the ER will they take your credit card? Most do BUT you need to know for sure so check it out.

While you are at it check online and ask some friends while you're at it to find out what and where services are all inclusive and what the alternates are.

After the break listen to Dr. Becker on the video – and look at the 7 steps that could save your dog’s life during and emergency.

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