The 10 Smallest Dogs in the World Are Surprising! I Had Never Heard of Doggie #10 Before!

Maltese puppy

You're probably fairly familiar with a few small dog breeds, right? You might have seen a Chihuahua or a Yorkie being toted around in a giant purse. LOL!

Well, today you're about to learn about a lot more of the world's smallest dog breeds! If you're thinking about adopting a tiny dog breed, you can start checking out these featured breeds!

They're cute, they're tiny and have their own set of personality traits to fit yours! It's time for you to meet your future pooch.

Even if you're not adopting, this small dog breed list will help you learn even more about doggies!

Check out and fall in love with ten of the world's tiniest dog breeds on the next page!

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