8 Extremely Joyous Pictures of Happy Go Lucky Doggies That’ll Put an Instant Smile on Your Face

With so much going on in our lives and our world, it can be easy to forget to put a smile on our faces every day. We may feel stressed out or sad and it can really get to us. It's normal to feel down once in a  while, especially since there have been so many sad things in the news lately. However, you can count on our furry friends to always cheer you up!

Have you ever noticed that dogs don't seem to have that problem? They are happy all of the time! They can cheer us up at a moments notice!

Well, in case you're having a rough week, these extremely content pooches will salvage it! When you see just how happy they are all around the world, your heart will completely melt! There's nothing cuter than happy dogs!

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