(VIDEO) Watch Cooper the Pug and His Adorable Daytime Routine. Just PRECIOUS!

Resting Black Pug

Documenting the day in the life of a dog may seem a rather monotonous undertaking for most. After all, what do they do but run about the yard, eat, drink, and sleep, right?

Maybe for some but when you live the life of Cooper, a very young black Pug who has obviously been taken in by an active and giving family, being dull is the least of your worries!

First of all, Cooper is obviously healthy and happy. He does things regular dogs only wish their masters will let them do!

We strongly suggest you go over to the next page, watch the video, and maybe think about your own pooch. Is he or she a lazy pup or do you think it’s time to take your furry family member on an adventure like Cooper!?

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