(Video) This Man Films a Fin as it Pop Out of the Ocean. The Next Moment Instantly Goes Viral.

whale in the water

About ten years ago we took an Alaskan cruise and if there was one thing we wanted, floating in the water on that mighty ship, was to see whales. We were told by the cruise director that we were a little too late but we might get lucky.

There were still a few pods out there. Naturally, we were a little disappointed because we had also missed the Northern Lights, which was the 2nd thing on our list of things to see.

However, the following day while we were on deck, taking a walk, we saw whales! We happened to have our movie camera with us and the movies we took were amazing! Admittedly, the whales were a bit far away and the film was a little grainy but we were happy as clams.

Fast forward this to ten years later, the location being in South Africa, where some boaters got very lucky and took their own movies of sea life – and they are amazing!

You must go over to the next page and check out their “gone viral” sea-madness. It’s like nothing you have ever seen!

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