[VIDEO] Hide-And-Go-Seek — Watch a Smart Pooch Track Down His Treats!

dog finding treats

There are so many different ways you can have fun with your pooch, including playing hide-and-go-seek with him. Dogs love treats, so why not train your pooch to find his treats after you hide them? It's not only a great way for him to use his mind, but it'll be fun for you to watch!

A Labrador Retriever named Hunter gets put to the task of finding six dog treats, and he does not disappoint! This pooch is trained to sit directly in front of a treat if he finds it.

So for example, if the snack happens to be a lot higher than him (for example on top of a picture that's hung up), he gets it by sitting and staring at it. It's smart how his dad trained him, but the credit must go to Hunter — he's one smart doggy!

Watch Hunter in action after the break.

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