(Video) A Pug Meets a Kitten for the First Time and How They Respond to One Another is Priceless!

pug and kitty

Bringing cats and dogs together in the same home can be a nervous proposition. We do not know if they will get along or if they do seem to be making nice, how long will it last?

Is it a life-long love or will one of them, someday, decide they don’t like the other and make life no so good for the entire family?

It is always good to know from the beginning where a dog and cat stand, how they will react to one another, and the video on the next page is a great example of what might happen.

After the break, witness Bosley the pug meeting Oliver, the kitten for the first time. They are both very handsome and friendly pets.

All should go well. But will it? Go over to the next page and take a look!

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