(VIDEO) This is a Pug Scream Like You’ve Never Heard Before. OMG!

screaming black pug

Dogs have their own special way of letting us know when they want something. Some dance around and others shake and snort. Then there are those vocal pooches that will bark while waiting for dinner or as a way of telling us they’re ready to go outside and play in the grass!

Then we have this precious Pug on the next page. This little guy, ready and willing to go for a walk, is very verbal when it comes to his desire!

Initially, his bark, if that is what you can call it, reminds us of something in Jurassic Park ©. It’s an odd keening sound that you will have to listen to appreciate but then, as he realizes the time has come… Well, you just have to hear his joy and excitement. It seems rather loud but – really – it’s pretty darn funny!

This is a little black Pug that wants to go on an adventure. Check it out after the break!

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