(Video) This Pug Loves Her Bellyrubs. How She Lets Dad Know? SO Precious!

Pug bellyrubs

Every doggie has her own personality and the Puggie in today's video is beyond adorable. She happens to love belly rubs and how she lets her Dad know is too cute!

But before we get into that, when you see the video on the next page you'll notice the sweet relationship they have. This sweet Pug genuinely trusts her Dad and isn't afraid to tell him what she wants!

This sweet yet spoiled Pug is a sweetheart and seems to be wooing her Daddy with her every move! I'm sure it's the same way with the other family members in the family as well!

Most Puggies are very comfortable in their environments and this little sweetheart loves her home. You can see the pure joy displayed all over her sweet face.

After the break, watch a video that'll melt your heart and make you appreciate the sweet relationship between this Dad and Pug!

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