12 Epic Doggy Moments Only Pug Owners Can Relate To



There are times when you merely have to look at a pug, and a warm feeling comes over you. And that does not necessarily mean he has taken a pee against your leg!

There is just something so sweet about those large sensitive eyes, the way they snort in excitement, and even the way they wiggle when they walk. What is more, they seem to be perpetually smiling, even when they are not.

Such an enigma are pugs. Or are they?

If you are already a pup parent to a pug and have been for a while, you know things others do not. Perhaps it has something to do with the way they socialize, wear a sweater, or even the way they greet you in the morning.

Whatever the case, pug owners can relate to other pug owners and – often – a pug owner can see something – anything really – in the universe, and it eventually comes back to their pug!

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