11 Reasons Why Pugs Are Not the Friendly Dogs Everyone Believes Them to Be

friendly Pug

Your pooch is the friendliest dog in the neighborhood. He loves to bark at the neighbors, run in circles when friends come over, and growl at the dog your doggie sitting because he's thinking about “borrowing” his toy. Yeah, and you happen to have a Pug.

He is really friendly… right? Well, maybe that's not entirely true.

Yes, Pugs can be friendly, but not every Pug is a happy go lucky and sweet. The reality is most Pugs are not the friendly dog everyone thinks they are.

So you don't believe us? It's okay because we're prepared to prove it to you. That furry monster in your house may look cute… but he's a trouble maker.

Who can forget that time when your Pug almost got through the fence because he wanted to greet the neighbor… or so you thought.

After the break, check out some pretty convincing reasons why Pugs are SO not friendly. You're about to learn the truth… and then some! 😉

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