If You Find a Stray Dog, Here’s What You Should Do…

stray dog

Everyone will likely encounter a stray dog sometime during their lifetime. If you do come across a stray dog, how should you handle the situation?

Your first reaction may be to approach the dog, but before you do that, you should make sure the dog is friendly. Also, stray dogs located in a place that's hard to get to or puts you in danger should be handled by authorities.

If you don't feel comfortable helping a doggy in need, that's understandable. Next you can contact your local animal shelter who will hopefully have some volunteers who are trained to approach and pick up the dog.

The other option is to call animal control. This organization will capture the pooch and likely bring him to your local animal shelter. There the workers will look at the dog for a microchip and collar.

If you can reach the pooch and can capture him, there are a few things you should know. Visit the next page to learn more about these pertinent tips.

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