3 Ways to Get Fido Ready for the Fall Time

fall beagle doggie

It's hard to believe, but fall time is upon us. For humans, that means bundling up and staying warm and drinking our favorite Starbucks drink. For a doggie, however, depending on where you live, it also means some changes as well.

As you're switching up your bed sheets and blankets for something a bit warmer, don't forget that Fido needs warmer beds and blankets too. Even though most dogs have a fur coat doesn't mean they don't get cold. Especially if they sleep on the wood floor they'll need a blanket to snuggle into when the nights get chillier.

It's also important to keep in mind that it's likely your pooch will shed some of his hair for the fall time. Some dogs shed their summer coats to prepare for their fall and winter coats. To help him through this process brush him daily and wash him regularly.

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