(Video) This Lab Lent a French Bulldog a Helping Hand. How He Did That? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!


Sometimes we may ask a little too much from our faithful pups. For instance, while some dogs revel in the cold and snow, wanting nothing more than to play in it, there are others that do not appear quite as thrilled. They are not really agile and they seem to sink into “the white stuff”, whatever it is!

What is more, the feel of the icy snow on their paws is not something a smaller dog, in this case, a French Bulldog, relishes.

So, when a pet parent asks his Frenchie to go fetch a Frisbee, laying right in the middle of some snow, you can just imagine his reluctance. There is all this white stuff lying all over the ground, it is wet and cold, and after all, he’s just wearing a stylish little coat.

Is Daddy serious?

Still, that Frisbee does look tempting!

Watch as his “big brother” comes by to lend a helping hand on the video after the break!

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