(Video) Mama Pug Delivering Her Puppies Brings Tears to Our Eyes


There's nothing purer than watching a new life come into the world. Whether it's a baby human or a baby animal, we just can't seem to take control of our emotions!

We typically first see our pups after they've been in the world for at least a few months, if not a few years, and we get to experience some of their cutest moments throughout their lifetime.

However, we missed the most adorable part of their life: their birth! The emotions you feel when you see a dog give birth is overwhelming. This is when the happy tears come!

This video of a mama pug is guaranteed to deliver both the happy tears and puppies! It'll make you smile for the rest of the day and you'll instantly feel the love between mom and her puppies! The puppies are so innocent and fragile, you'll wish you could jump into the video and lay on the kisses!

Plus, it gives us a newfound respect for any mom who has to carry around multiple babies in her tummy. What a warrior!

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