4 Things Dogs Love Secretly (or Not so Secretly) Doing While a Pet Parent is Away



We can have the most content pups in the world. They are healthy, jump up and down to show their glee, and eat their dog kibble gratefully and without arrogance.

But then, as we so often have to do, we leave our dogs alone in the house or yard, without ever know what they are doing while we are away.

We have to wonder what it is they do while we are gone?

It is a natural curiosity. We would like to think they are walking about the house, guarding it from intruders, or maybe even playing unaffected with their toys. Yet, what is the reality?

It can be easily solved with the installation of a “nanny cam” but those of us not technically savvy have to remain in the dark.

Until now. After the break go over to the next age and read up on what we think your dogs are doing while their pet parent is away!

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