5 of the Most-Googled Questions About Dogs in 2016


As long as there have been men and dogs there have been questions.

We know our pup pals probably wonder a lot of things about us. Why are we so tall? Why don’t most of us have fur all over our bodies? And why do we want to please them so much?

But we also have questions about Rover. Is he licking me because he believes I’ll make a fine meal? When he looks into my eyes does he see love or merely an eyeball? And – why after three months of cohabitation won’t he stop chasing the cat?!

Sorry if some of the above appeared a little personal. We are having a few issues with our pooch. LOL!

But really, people have questions about their faithful dogs and we gathered together five of the most asked questions from Google; probably queries you have been asking but have you ever gotten a good answer? It is time!

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