7 Dog Comics Dog Owners Can Totally Relate To

can't move dog comic

Whether you read your newspaper by taking out your laptop and scrolling through the articles online or by picking it up in your driveway and holding it in your hand, we all rely on the black and white to keep us updated. We may not always like what we read in there, but keeping up with the news is certainly part of our daily routine.

In the midst of articles on politics, natural disasters, and other worldly events, there's a section that's inviting, heartwarming and even hilarious: the comics. Everyone has at least one favorite comic and it's exciting to see what the writers have in store for your favorite characters next.

Even if you're not a big comic fan, you'll love these ones about the relationships between dogs and their owners. It portrays our most silly (and sometimes, embarrassing) feelings about our dogs by using bright colors and thought bubbles. Don't be surprised if you find yourself relating to all of them!

Keep reading on the next page to see 7 comics all dog owners can relate to! You'll have trouble deciding which one is your favorite!

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