(VIDEO) This Pug is Offered a Tasty Snack. When You See What it Is? Wow, I Wasn’t Expecting This!

pug eating a green pepper

We all have our personal food preferences as humans and surprisingly, so do our furry best friends. Not every dog likes the same foods and snacks but that's okay! Some dogs might take a liking to soft sweets while others prefer crunchier ones. The same goes with taste as well. One dog may prefer chicken while another can't get enough of beef!

Well, it's safe to say that this adorable Pug is very refined when it comes to eating! LOL! When his owner offers him a very unique snack, you'll never guess how he responds.

When you see what it is and how eager this pooch is to devour it, you'll be amazed! He looks like he is truly enjoying his tasty and healthy snack. He is just too adorable! You're going to love this video!

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